Features of Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Converter


MAC to Outlook converter has lots of advanced features, which make it unique among other conversion tool. Let's discuss some of its unique features below:


Importing Apple Mail to Outlook 2011

This tool imports all messages residing in the “Inbox,” “Drafts,” “Sent,” and “Notes” folders of Apple Mail and restores them to a new RGE file in their original format. Thereafter, it easily imports the RGE file into MAC Outlook 2011 and allows you to access your mail data.


Converting Mails with Attachments

MAC to Outlook tool transfers complete content of every single mail with attachments and lets you view all emails and attachments in the preview mode.


Flexible and Comprehensible GUI

The tool is designed in such a way that its lucid interface provides detailed and easy to use instructions for performing the conversion. It also guides you with the steps required to import the converted file into MS Outlook 2011 for better user experience.


Searching and Saving RGE File
The tool provides you the Find option for searching the required files. In case, you forgot the exact location of any RGE file, you can easily locate the required file by using the Find option within the folders or subfolders. Using this tool, you can also transfer Apple Mail to Outlook and save the output file at any specified location. For this purpose, you just need to mention the name of the RGE file and select the desired location where you want to save your file.

Provides Safe and Risk-free Migration
The best quality of this converter is that it doesn't affect the original setting and formatting of the folders or subfolders. You can view and access your messages like before. Unlike other tools, MAC to Outlook tool doesn't remove or modify any data, which prevent files from being damaged during migration.


Does All in One Spot

The tool provides all required options in single interface without any software installation or maintenance. It is known as a best tool due to its three simple steps, Select, Convert, and Save for safe migration of Apple Mail data to Outlook, which anyone, even a novice, can follow easily,


Provides Regular Check for and Install Latest Updates

If any update comes on the installed version of the application, the tool automatically prompts it and allows you to download the latest updates. You can also check for updates manually.


Provides Detailed Log Reports

During migration process, the tool automatically saves the detailed log files in the system. These log files consist of all the information like how many items are moved and if the program faces any problem during the process and so on. If you want to keep these log files, you can save them at the desired location. Else you can delete them any time.


Supports Multiple Platforms

The tool transfers any of Apple mail items to Outlook 2011 on all Mac versions, such as Mac OS X 10.4 or above. It runs on Mac-Intel processor with 40 MB of free Hard disk space.


If you want to try the tool before buying it, no issues! MAC to Outlook converter is available in free trial version. In the trial version, you can preview only the body and subjects of the emails along with the To, Cc, and Bcc fields. This version limits you to view the attachments in emails. To view and save the whole emails and attachments, you need to buy the license of this product.




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